I’m Like A Bird, I Only Fly Away

Learning & Take Action.. Two Different Things..


Today I’m going to test my english. Long time ago, I have a blog which I wrote em in English. I think that’s the only one English blog I ever had. But the domain name are long gone. So no need to mention it much.. but one thing I remember that blog name called “Me and My Manglish” which mean Malay + English. All mixed up.

So today as I state, I want to do some writing in English for one big reason. I’m started as blogger who silently making 50k to 100k yearly with few blogs selling men niche product.

After open up my “secret” to public and doing some educating + promo, people started to see the hidden gems on what I’m doing. It’s quite hard to understand because it need your attention on all aspect. I wondered when I was started doing seo, my point of view of are the same like others who 1st time heard about seo. It’s so hard to understand because not only knowledge about their niche, the customer avatars, what is Google and how it works. It cover lot’s of aspect of making very successful blogs.

And with seo, I not paying for promotion, but the links of my website are spread everywhere in the men niche. And this is how I make my fortune everyday.

The Reason Of Success?

I think the biggest reason is to follow the updates on seo. Let me tell you something. If you go to work and the boss ask you to follow the new regulation of how system work more efficiency, will you do it?

Of course you do, unless you want to get lost your job, maybe.

So the same thing here coz this is my bread and butter. I have doing full time in Internet Marketing since 2009. So I have no boss who need to giving me an order.

And what I have to do is to push myself to do. Learn and Take Action at the same time.

Learn from the mistakes and avoid what not work. At the same time, tawakkal.

So that is the reason for success. Using YOURSELF and Never Forget Allah.

Well, I thing I have to stop now because I actually try to PUSH myself to do writing in English. And I think, I’m not yet success in this new fields. Because of what? Coz I just started.. 🙂

If you wanted to give your commentator, please let us know. And I need to know from you too, what do think about this writings.. Thank you.

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